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Arabic Text with Urdu and English Translation - Surah At-Tauba

This is declaration of disassociation from Allah and His Messenger to those idolaters with whom you hadentered into a contract and they did not keep it.

Then go about in the land for four months and know that you can not tire Allah and Allah is to humiliate theinfidels.

And there is proclamation from Allah and His Messenger to all People on the day of Great Pilgrimage that Allahis rid of the polytheists and so His Messenger, if you then repent it is then good for you, and if you turn you'face then know that you cannot tire Allah. And give good tidings to infidels of a painful torment.

But those associators with whom you had covenanted they did not detract anything in your Contract, and didnot help any one against you then fulfil their covenant till the promised day. Undoubtedly, Allah loves the piousones.

Then when the sacred months have passed, slay the associators wherever you find them and catch them, andconfine them and sit in wait for them at every place; again if they repent and establish prayer and give thepoor-due then leave their way. Verily Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

And 'O beloved Prophet'. If any of the associators ask your protection, then give him protection that he mayhear the word of Allah then convey him to his place of security. This is because they are the people ignorant.

How there shall be any covenant for the associators with Allah and His Messenger but those with whom youcovenanted near the Sacred Mosque! Then as long as they keep their covenant for you, you should also standfor them. Undoubtedly, Allah loves the pious ones.

How (Can it be) their condition is this that if they prevail against you, then neither they would care forrelationship nor for agreement. They please you with their mouths, and their hearts refuse, and most of themare disobedient.

They have sold the Signs of Allah for a meagre price, and then they barred from His path. Undoubtedly, theydo evil deeds.

They neither have regard of relationship or agreement in any Muslim. And they are the transgressors.

Again if they repent and establish prayer and pay the poor-due (Zakat) then they are your brothers, in faith.And We explain the signs in detail for a people who know.

If they break their oaths after their covenant, and taunt at your religion, then fight with the leaders of infidelity.Undoubtedly, their oaths are nothing. Haply they may desist.

Will you not fight with a people who have broken their oaths and resolved to turn out the Messenger, althoughthe beginning is from them? Do you fear them? Linen Allah is Most Worthy that you should fear Him if youbelieve (Him).

Then fight them, Allah will torment them at your hands and will humiliate them and will help you against them,and will heal the breasts of the believers.

And will remove the anger of their hearts, and Allah relent of whomsoever He pleases, and Allah is Knowing,Wise.

Are you in this conception that you would be left alone, and Allah has not yet made known those of you whowill struggle and will not take any one as a confident except Allah and His Messenger and the muslims. Allah isAware of what you do?

It is not for the associators that they should inhabit the mosque of Allah, bearing witnesses of infidelity againstthemselves. Their entire works are destroyed, and they shall abide in the Fire.

They only inhabit the mosques of Allah who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and pay thepoor-due (Zakat) and fear none but Allah, therefore it is near that these people may be among the guidedones.

Then do you hold the offering of water to the pilgrims and service of the Sacred Mosque equal to one whobelieved in Allah and the Last Day and struggled in the path of Allah? They are not equal in the sight of Allah,And Allah guides not the unjust people.

Those who believed and emigrated and fought with their wealth and lives in the path of Allah have the highestrank near Allah. And they are they who reached to their goal.

Their Lord does give them glad tidings of His Mercy and of His Pleasure and of those gardens wherein there islasting bliss for them.

They will abide there in forever. Undoubtedly, there is great reward with Allah.

'O Believers! Take not your fathers and brothers for friends, if they prefer infidelity over faith. And who so ofyou will be-friend them, then they are they who are unjust.

Say you 'If your fathers, and your sons and your brothers and your wives and your clan and the wealth of yourearning and the trade of which you fear loss and the houses of your choice, these things are dearer to youthan Allah and His Messenger and the struggling in His path, then wait till Allah brings His Command. And Allahguides not the disobedients.

Undoubtedly, Allah did help you at many places and on the day of Hunain when you had boasted on yourmultitude, it availed you nothing, and the land being so vast, became straitened to you, then you turned yourbacks retreating

Then Allah sent down His Calm upon His Messenger and upon Muslims, and He sent down the hosts that youdid not see and chastised the infidels. And this is the punishment of the rejecters.

Thereafter Allah will relent whom He pleases. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

'O believers! The associators are altogether unclean, then let them not approach the sacred Mosque after thisyear. And if you fear poverty, then soon Allah shall enrich you of His bounty if He pleases. Verily, Allah isKnowing, Wise.

Fight those who believe not in Allah, and in the Last Day, and accept not as unlawful what Allah and Hismessenger made unlawful, and follow not the true faith that is to say those who were Coven the Book untilthey pay the required tax with their own hands being brought low.

And the Jews, said, "Uzair is the son of Allah" and the Christians said 'Masih (Christ) is the son of Allah' Thesethings, they utter with their mouths. They imitate the sayings of the infidels before them. Allah assail them,whither they are perverting?

They have taken their priests and monks as gods besides Allah and also Masih son of Maryam; and they wereCommanded not but this that that they worship only one Allah; none is to be worshipped except He. Hallowedbe He from their polytheism.

They wish to put off the light of Allah with their mouths and Allah will not agree but to perfect His light, thoughthe infidels may dislike it.

It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and true religion that He may make it prevail over allreligions, though the infidels may dislike it.

'O believers! Verily many of the priests and monks devour the wealth of the people wrongfully and bar from thepath of Allah. And those who hoard up gold and silver and spend not in the path of Allah give them the goodtidings of a painful torment.

The day when they shall be heated in the fire of the Hell, then their foreheads and sides and backs shall bebranded therewith. This is what you had hoarded for yourselves, now taste the hoarding.

Undoubtedly, the number of months with Allah is twelve in the Book of Allah since the day He made theHeavens and Earth four of them are sacred. This is the right religion, then wrong not yourselves in thesemonths, and fight the infidels at all times, as they fight with you, all times And know that Allah is with the piousones.

Their postponement of the months are not but an increase in infidelity, with which the infidels are misguided,they make it lawful one year and hold it unlawful another year, that they may make up the number which Allahhas sanctified, and make lawful what Allah has forbidden. Their vile deeds seem fair in their eyes and Allahguides not the infidel

'O Believers! What happened to you, that when it is said to you, 'Go forth in the way of Allah, you sit down onthe earth heavily'? Have you chosen the life of this work in preference to the Hereafter? And the goods of theliving worlds in comparison with that of the Hereafter is nothing but little.

If you will not march forth, He will punish you with a severe punishment and will replace you by anotherpeople, and you can do no harm to Him. And Allah can do every thing

If you help him (The beloved Prophet) not, then no doubt, Allah helped him, when on account of the mischiefof the infidels, he was to go out with only two souls, when they both were in the Cave, and when he said to hiscompanion 'Grieve not, no doubt Allah is with us', then Allah sent down His satisfaction on him, and helped himwith armies which you did not see, and put down the words of the infidels. It is the word of Allah, alone whichis supreme, and Allah is Dominant, Wise.

March forth with light soul, or with heavy heart and struggle in the way of Allah with your wealth and lives. It isbetter for you, if you know.

If there had been any near gain, or an average journey, then they would have certainly gone with you, but thehard journey seemed too long to them, and now they will swear by Allah, that if we had been able, then wewould have surely gone with you. They ruin their souls, and Allah knows that undoubtedly, they are necessarilyliars.

Allah forgive you, why did you then permit them, till the true one had not become manifest to you and the liarshad not become clear?

And those who would believe in Allah and the Last Day would not ask leave of you from struggling with theirwealth and their lives. And Allah knows well the duty-bound.

Those only ask you this leave who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day and their hearts are in doubts, thenin their doubts they waver.

Had they willed to go forth, they would have made some preparation for it; but God disliked their rousing, soHe made them lethargic, and it was said to them 'remain sitting with those who sit'.

If they would have come out among you, they would have added you nothing except trouble and would haverun to and from in your midst seeking to cause sedition among you, and there are among you, their spies. AndAllah Knows well the unjust.

No doubt, they already sought to create disorder before, and turned the plans upside down for you O' Beloved!Till the truth came and Allah's command appeared.

And any one among them submits before you like this, 'Give me leave, and put me not in trial', Listen, theyhave already fallen into trial. And undoubtedly, the hell has surrounded the infidels.

If good befalls you, then it hurts them, and if any misfortune comes to you, then they say 'We had already setright our works before, and turn back rejoicing.

Say you 'nothing shall reach us, but what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Protector, and the Muslimsshould keep trust in Allah only.

Say you, 'What you are waiting for us but one of the two goods' ? And we are waiting for you that Allah shallafflict you with a torment from Himself, or with our hands. Now wait then, we are also waiting with you'.

Say you, 'Spend willingly or unwillingly, it shall not be accepted from you. No doubt, you are a peopledisobedient.

And what they spend. Its acceptance was not barred. But because they rejected Allah and His Messenger andcome not to prayers but lazily, and spend not but unwillingly

Then let not their wealth and their children astonish you. Allah only intends to punish them with these things inthe life of the world and that their souls may depart while they are infidels.

They swear by Allah that they are from amongst you and they are not from amongst you, yes they are afraid.

If they find a place of refuge, or cave or a place to creep into, they will turn there to rushing headlong.

And of them, some one is he who blames you with regard to the distribution of charities, then if they get something of these, they are pleased, and if they get not, then they are angry.

What a good it had been, if they would have been pleased with what Allah and His Messenger had given themand would have said 'Sufficient for us is Allah', Now Allah is to give us of His Bounty, and so the Messenger ofAllah. To Allah only we lean.

The poor-due (Zakat) is only for those who are poor and needy and those who collect it, and for those whosehearts are to be conciliated for Islam, and for the freeing of slaves, and for debtors, and for spending in theway of Allah and for the traveller. This has been ordained by Allah. And Allah is Knowing, Wise.

And of them some are those who hurt the Prophet and say, 'He is an ear, say 'He is an ear for good of you,believes in Allah and believes the words of Muslims, and is a mercy for those who are Muslims among you.' Andthose who hurt the Messenger, for them is the painful torment.

They swear by Allah before you may be pleased and Allah and His Messenger had greater right, that theyshould please him, if they had faith.

Are they not aware that whoso opposes Allah and His Messengers then for him is the fire of the Hell in whichhe will abide for ever? This is the great humiliation

The hypocrites fear lest a Surah (Chapter) should be sent down to them informing them, what is in theirhearts. Say you 'Mock on, truly Allah is about to reveal what you fear.'

And O' beloved Prophet! If you ask to them, they will say 'We were only jesting and playing'. Say you; 'Do youmock at Allah and His signs and His Messengers?'

Make no excuses, you have already become disbeliveers after being muslims. If We forgive some one of you,then We shall chastise others because they were guilty.

The hypocrites' men and women are the birds of the same feather; they bid evil and forbid from doing good,and (they) keep their hands closed. They have left Allah then Allah has left them. No doubt the hypocrites arethe confirmed disobedients.

Allah has promised the hypocrites men and hypocrites' women and infidels, the fire of the Hell, wherein theywill abide forever. That is sufficient for them, and the curse of Allah is upon them, and for them is the lastingtorment.

As those before you, they were mightier than you in strength, and more abundant in wealth and children. Theyenjoyed their share then you enjoy your share just as those before you enjoyed their share, and you indulgedingesting just as they indulged. Their works are wasted in the world and the Hereafter, and they are the peoplewho are losers.

Have they not received the news of those before them the people of Nooh, and Aad and Thamud, and thepeople of Ibrahim, and the men of Madian and the overthrown towns? Their Messengers had brought to thembright evidences; then it was not befitting to Allah that He might have wronged them, but they werethemselves unjust to their souls.

And the Muslim men and women are friends to one another, bid for good and forbid evil and establish prayerand pay the poor-due (Zakat) and obey Allah and His Messenger. These are they on whom soon Allah will havemercy. Undoubtedly Allah is, Dominant, Wise.

Allah has promised to Muslim men and Muslim women Gardens under which rivers flow, wherein they shallreside forever and clean houses in the inhabitable gardens. And the pleasure of Allah is the greatest. This is theachievement of the greater Goal.

'O Communicator of the hidden news, (Prophet) fight against the infidels and the hypocrites and be strict tothem Their destination is Hell and what an evil place of return.

They swear by Allah that they said it not, and no doubt, necessarily they uttered the word of infidelity andbecame infidels after accepting Islam and they had desired that Which they could not get; and what they feltbad, only this that Allah and His Messenger has enriched them out of His grace; then if they repent, it is goodfor them, and if they turn their faces then Allah will chastise them with a severe torment in the world and theHereafter and on the earth they shall have neither any supporter nor any helper.

And of them, there are some who had covenanted with Allah that if He will give us out of His grace then weshall surely give in charity and we shall surely become good men.

Then when Allah gave them out of His grace, they became niggardly of it and turned away turning their faces.

Therefore after it Allah put hypocrisy in their hearts, until the Day they meet Him -the recompense of that theyacted against what they had promised to Allah and the recompense of that they used to lie.

Are they not aware that Allah Knows the secrets of their hearts and their whisper and Allah is the well Knowerof all hidden things?

Those who blame those muslims who give charity willingly and those who get not but with their hard labour, sothey laugh at them. Allah will punish them for their laughing and for them is the painful.

Ask you forgiveness for them or ask not. If you will ask forgiveness for them seventy times, Allah will neverforgive them. This is because that they have rejected Allah and His Messenger. And Allah guides not thedisobedients.

Those who were left behind delighted at this that they remained sitting behind the Messenger and they did notlike that they may fight in the way of Allah with their wealth and lives and said Come not out in this treat' sayyou 'the fire of the Hell is the hottest! In any manner they would have understood!

Let them laugh little and weep much, in recompense what they used to earn.

Then if, O beloved Prophet! Allah returns you to a party of them, and they ask you leave to go forth to fight,then say you 'Never shall you march forth with me, nor ever fight with any enemy of me. You chose to sit athome the first time, then remain sitting with those who remained behind.'

And pray you never over any of their dead, and not stand over his grave. No doubt, they rejected Allah and HisMessenger and died while they were disobedient.

Be not astonished over their wealth and children Allah only intends to punish them there with in this world, andthat they part with their souls while they are infidels.

And when any Sura (Chapter) is sent down, that believe in Allah and fight with His Messenger, then the men ofcapability among them ask leave of you and say 'Leave us to remain with those who sit behind'.

They like that they should remain with the women left behind, and their hearts are sealed up, so that theyunderstand nothing.

But the Messenger and those who believed with him, fought with their wealth and lives. And it is they forwhom are goods, and it is they who reached to their goal.

Allah has prepared for them Gardens under which rivers flow; they shall abide forever therein. This is theattainment of supreme object

And there came excuse seekers from the villagers in order that leave may be given to them, and those who liedto Allah and His Messenger sat behind. Soon a painful torment shall befall to the infidels of them.

There is not any fault on the weak, and on the sick and nor on those who are not capable to spend, when theyare sincere to Allah and His Messenger. There is no way against the good-doers. And Allah is Forgiving,Merciful.

Nor on those who came to you that you may provide carriage to them, you said have nothing whereon tomount you' so they return back and their eyes overflow with tears because of this grief that they could not findthe ability to spend.

The accountability is only of those who ask leave of you and they are rich. They liked to sit behind with thewomen and Allah has sealed up their hearts; so they know nothing.

They will make excuses to you when you will return to them. Say you, 'make no ' excuses, we will neverbelieve you, Allah has already given your news to us. And now Allah and His messenger will see your worksthen you will be returned to Him Who knows all unseen and visible, He will tell you what you used to do.

Now they will swear by Allah before you, when you will return back to them in order that you may not mind ofthem, then yes, mind them not. They are wholly filthy and their destination is Hell a recompense what theyused to earn.

They swear before you that you may be pleased with them. But if you are pleased with them, then no doubt,Allah will not be pleased with a people dis-obedient.

They villagers are more stubborn in infidelity and hypocrisy and they are only worthy of this that they remainignorant of the commands which, Allah has sent down upon His messenger. And Allah is knowing, Wise.

And among the villagers some are those who regard hat they spend in the way of Allah as fine, and remainwaiting of misfortunes coming to you. On them is the evil turn. And Allah Hears. Knows.

And among the villagers some are those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and regard what they spend as' approaches to Allah and means of taking blessings of the messenger. Yes, that is the means of nearness forthem to enter into His mercy. Undoubtedly! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful,

And the first and foremost emigrants and helpers and those who followed them with good. Allah is pleasedwith them and they are pleased with Allah and for them, He has prepared gardens under which rivers flow.This is the great success.

And some villagers around you are hypocrites and some of the dwellers of Madina too, hypocrisy has becometheir habit. You know them not. We know them. We will soon torment them twice. Then they will be resumedto a great torment.

And there are some others who acknowledge their sins and mixed up a good deed with another evil. It is nearthat Allah may accept their repentance. No doubt Allah is Forgiving. Merciful.

'O beloved prophet! Realise the poor-due (Zakat) out of their wealth. to purify them and cleanse themtherewith and pray good for them. No doubt. your prayer is solace for their hearts. And Allah Hears. Knows.

Are they not aware that only Allah accepts the repentance of His bondmen and takes the charities in Hisauthoritative Hand Himself, and that it is Allah Who is the Relenting. The Merciful.

And say you. 'work on, now Allah will behold your work and so His messenger and the muslims. And you willsoon be returned to Him Who knows all unseen and visible. Then He will inform you what you used to do.

And some other have been deferred to Allah's commandment. Whether He may torment them or may accepttheir repentance. And Allah is Knowing Wise

And those who have built a mosque in order to injure and because of infidelity and to cause dissension amongmuslims and as an ambush for him who is already against Allah and His messenger from before. And they willsurely swear that we desired only good. And Allah bears witness that they are certainly liars.

You stand never in that mosque. No doubt the mosque whose foundation has been laid on righteousness fromthe very first day is worthy that you may stand therein. There in are those who desire to be well purified andAllah loves the pure.

Then is he who laid foundation upon the fear of Allah and His pleasure better or he who laid his foundation onthe brink of a falling pit, then he fell with it in the fire of the Hell? And Allah does not give way to the peopleunjust.

The building, which they have built, will continue to waver in their hearts unless their hearts may cut intopieces. And Allah is Knowing, Wise.

No doubt. Allah has purchased from the muslims their lives and their belongings against this return, that forthem is Paradise, they fight in the way of Allah, then they kill and are killed; true promise on His generousresponsibility in the Taurah and the Injeel and the Quran. And who is, true to his words than Allah'? Rejoicethen in your trade ' which you have done with Him And it is this which is, the great triumph.

Those who repent, those who worship, those who praise, those who fast, those who bow, those who prostrate,those who tell good and forbid evil and those who watch the limits of Allah. And give you glad tidings toMuslims.

It is not worthy for the prophet and the believers to ask forgiveness for the associators, even though they arerelatives, after it has been made clear to them that they are men of Hell.

And Abraham's asking forgiveness for his father was not but on account a promise, he had made to Him Butwhen it was made clear to him that he is an enemy of Allah, he dis-associated him self from him No doubt,Abraham is a most lament, clement.

And it is not the attribute of Allah that He should lead astray any people after He has guided them. Until Hemakes clear to them as to what they have to guard against. Undoubtedly, Allah knows every thing.

Assuredly! It is Allah for Whom is the Kingdom of heavens and earth. He gives life and causes death. And youhad no protector nor helper beside Allah.

No doubt, blessings of Allah turned towards the Communicator of the hidden news (prophet) and thoseemigrants and helpers who sided with him in the hour of hardship. After it that the hearts of some of themwere nearly to be swerved aside. Then He turned towards them with blessing. Undoubtedly. To them He isMost Kind. Merciful.

And to the three who were left behind, so much so that the earth being so vast became strait to them, andthey became tired of their own lives, and they believed that there is no refuge from Allah but with Him. Then,He accepted their repentance that they might remain repenting. Undoubtedly, it is Allah Who is Relenting, theMerciful.

'O believers! Fear Allah and be with the truthful.

It was not proper for the inhabitants of Madina and the villagers around them to remain sitting behind themessenger of Allah, nor that they should consider their own lives more dear than his life. This is so becausewhatever they face as thirst or distress or hunger in the way of Allah, and wherever they tread a place whichenrages the infidels for all these things, good deed is written for them. Assuredly Allah wastes not the rewardof the good.

And whatever they spend, small or great and the valley they cross, all is written for them so that Allah mayrecompense them for their best deeds.

And it is not possible for Muslims that all should come out. Then why should not a party from each groupshould come out that they may gain understanding of religion and warn their people after coming back tothem, haply they may guard themselves.

'O believers' fight the infidels who are close to you, and let them find in you harshness and know that Allah iswith the duty-bound.

Whenever a Sura is sent down. Then anyone of them begins to say, 'Which of you has this increased in faith?Then as for those who believe, it has increased them in faith. And they are rejoicing.

And as for those in whose hearts there is disease, it has increased them in filthiness upon filthiness and theydied while they are infidels.

Do they not observe that? They are being tried every year once or twice. Even then neither they repent noraccept admonition.

And whenever any Sura is sent down, they begin to look at on each other. Whether any one watches you?Then they turn away. Allah has turned away their hearts, because they are a people who do not understand.

Assuredly there has come to you a messenger from among yourselves, heavy upon him is your suffering;ardently desirous of your welfare, and to Muslims is most Kind and Merciful.

If then they turn their faces, then say you, 'Allah is sufficient for me, none is to be worshiped except He. I putmy trust in Him, and He is the 'Lord of Supreme Throne.'

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