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Arabic Text with Urdu and English Translation - Surah At-Talaq

Allah in the name of The Most Affectionate, the Merciful.

'O Prophet! When you people divorce your women, then divorce them at the time of their prescribed periodsand count the prescribed period, and fear Allah, your Lord. Turn them not out of their houses during prescribedperiod, nor should they themselves go out, unless they are involved in any flagrant indecency; These are thelimits of Allah, and whoso crossed the limits of Allah, undoubtedly, he did injustice to his own soul. You knownot that perhaps Allah may send any new commandment after it.

Then, when they are about to reach their term, retain them with kindness or part from them with kindness andtake two just persons as witnesses from among you and set up witness for Allah. By this, he who believes inAllah and Last Day is admonished. And he who fears Allah, Allah will make a way for his deliverance.

And will provide for him whence he expects not. And he who puts his trust in Allah -He is sufficient for him.Verily, Allah is to fulfil His work. Undoubtedly, Allah has kept a measure for every thing.

And as to your women who have no hope of menstruation; if you are in doubt, then their prescribed period isthree months, and for those who have not yet menstruated. And the period of the pregnant women is whenthey give birth to children. And whose fears Allah, Allah will make his work easy.

This is the Commandment of Allah that He has sent towards you. And whoso fears Allah, Allah will put off hisevils and will give him immense reward.

Make the women to dwell where you yourselves dwell according to your means, and do not harm them so as tostraiten them. And if they are pregnant, then give them their maintenance till they give birth to children, And ifthey suckle children for you, give them their wages and consult together reasonably. But if you mutuallydisagree then soon he (father) will get another woman for sucking.

Let the man of means provide according to his means. And as for him, upon whom his provision has beenstraitened, let him give the maintenance of what Allah has given him. Allah burdens no soul but to the extentof what He has given him it is near the Allah will bring about ease after hardship.

And how many a city rebelled against the Commandments of its Lord and His Messengers then We took asevere account from it, and gave it a horrible punishment.

Therefore it tasted the mischief of its actions, and the end of its affair was loss.

Allah has already prepared for them a severe torment; therefore fear Allah, O men of understanding! Thosewho have believed. Undoubtedly, Allah has sent down for you an honour;

The Messenger who recites unto you the bright signs of Allah, so that he may bring forth those who believeand do-good deeds from the darkness into light. And whoso believes in Allah and does good deeds -He willmake him enter gardens beneath which streams flow, to abide therein forever. Undoubtedly, Allah has madegood provision for him.

Allah is, it is He, who made seven heavens, and of the earth their like; the commandment comes down in theirmidst, so that you may know that Allah can do everything, and the knowledge of Allah encompasseseverything.

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