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Arabic Text with Urdu and English Translation - Surah Al-Muminun

Allah in the name of The Most Affectionate, the Merciful.

Undoubtedly, the believers reached to their goal.

Those who beseech in their prayers.

And those who turn away from vain talk.

And those who are active in paying poor-due (Zakat).

And those who guard their private parts.

But from their wives or lawful handmaids who are the property of their hand for (in their case) they are not tobe blamed.

Then whoso desires anything more than these two, they are the transgressors.

And those who regard their trusts and their covenant.

And those who keep watch to their prayers.

They are indeed the inheritors.

Who shall inherit the Paradise, they shall abide there in.

And assuredly, We made man from the extract of clay.

Then We made him a drop of water and put in a strong serenity.

Then We made the drop of water a clot, then We made the clot a piece of flesh, then We made the bones withflesh, then We developed it into another shape. So blessed be Allah, the Best Creator.

Then after this, necessarily you are to die.

Then you all shall be raised up on the Day of judgment.

And assuredly, We made seven ways above you, and We are not heedless of creation.

And We sent down water from the heaven according to an estimate, then caused it to stay in the earth; andundoubtedly, We are potent to take it away.

Then We created therewith your gardens of dates and grapes, for you therein are abundant fruits, and ofthem, you eat.

And created a tree that springs forth from the mount Sinai, that grows oil and a sauce for those who eat.

And undoubtedly, in the cattle there is a lesson for you. We give you to drink of what is in their bellies, and youhave in them many benefits and of them, you have your food.

And upon them and on boat you are borne.

And undoubtedly, We sent Nuh towards his people, and he said 'O my people, worship Allah, there is no godfor you beside Him. Do you not then fear?

Then the chiefs of his people who disbelieved said! He is not but a man like you, he desires to become yoursuperior. And if Allah willed, He would have sent down angels, we have not heard this among our forefathers.

He is not but a mad man, wait, therefore, concerning him for a period.

Nuh submitted, 'O my Lord, help me for that they belied me.

Then We sent revelation to him, 'that make the Ark within Our sight and by Our command, then, when Ourcommand comes and the oven boils, take into it two of every pair and your family, but those of them againstwhom the word has already gone forth; and talk Me not regarding those who are unjust; They shall be surelydrowned.

Then when you are firmly seated yourself and those with you in the Ark, say then, 'all praise to Allah Whodelivered us from these unjust people.

And submit, 'O my Lord, disembark me to a blessed land and You are the best of those who disembark'.

Undoubtedly, in this, necessarily are signs, and verily We were necessarily to test.

Then after them We produced another generation.

Then We sent to them a Messenger from amongst themselves (saying) that worship Allah, there is no god foryou beside Him, and Do you then not fear?

And the chiefs of those people who disbelieved and belied the presence of the Hereafter and whom We gavecomfort in the life of the world, said, 'he is not but a man like you, he eats of that what you eat and drinks ofat what you drink.

And if you obey a man like you, then necessarily you are in loss.

Does he promise you that when you will die and will become dust and bones, after this you shall be broughtforth again?

'It is far away, it is far away, what is promised to you.

'That is not but our life of this world that we die and we live and we are not to be raised up'.

He is not but a man who forged lie against Allah and we are not going to believe him.

He submitted, 'O my Lord, help me for they have belied me.

Allah said, in a little while they will meet the morning repenting.

Then a true uproar overtook them and We made them like rubbish of grass. Be away then the unjust.

Then after them We raised other generations.

No nation can go ahead of their period, nor they can remain behind.

Then We sent Our Messengers one after the other. Whenever its Messenger came to any nation, they beliedhim, then We caused the latter to meet the former, and made them tales, then be away the people whobelieve not.

Then We sent Musa and his brother Haroon with Our signs and a clear authority.

To Firawn (Pharaoh) and his courtiers, but they boasted and they were a people already possessed withdominance.

Then they said, 'shall we believe in two men like ourselves while their people are serving to us.

Then they belied both of them they were then of those who were destroyed.

And undoubtedly, We gave Musa the Book that they might be guided.

And We made Maryam and her son a sign and gave them shelter on an elevated land where was a place forabiding and running water before sight.

'O Messengers eat pure things and do good deeds. I know your deeds.

And assuredly, this religion of yours is one religion and I am your Lord therefore fear Me.

Then their people cut up their affairs among themselves. Each group is happy over that what is with them.

Therefore leave you them in their intoxication for a time.

Are they imagining that by the wealth and children with which We are helping them.

We hasten to give them good? Nay, but they are not aware.

Undoubtedly, those who tremble because of the fear of their Lord.

And those who believe in the signs of their Lord.

And those who do not make any partner to their Lord.

And those who give what they give and their hearts are trembling because they are to return to their Lord.

These people hasten on to good, and they are first to attain them.

And We burden not any soul but according to its capacity and with Us is a Book that speaks the truth and theyshall not be wronged.

Nay, but their hearts are heedless of it, and their deeds are separate from those works, which they are doing.

Until, when We seized their rich people in agony then they began to cry for help.

'Cry not this day, you shall not be helped by US'.

Assuredly, My signs were recited to you, then you used to turn back on your heels.

You boast on the service of the sacred place, telling absurd stories there by night leaving the truth.

Did they not ponder over the words? Or did there come to them what had not come to their forefathers?

Or did they not recognize their Messenger, therefore they are taking him as stranger?

Or do they say, there is madness in him? Nay but he has brought them the truth and most of them are aversefrom the truth.

And if the truth had followed their desires, then, necessarily, the heavens and earth and whosoever is in themwould have been ruined. Nay, but We have brought them that thing in which there was fame for them but theyhave fumed their faces from their own prestige.

Does you ask of them any recompense, but recompense of your Lord is the best; and He is the Best Provider?

And undoubtedly, you call them towards the straight path.

And undoubtedly, who do not believe in the Hereafter, necessarily they are deviated from the straight path.

And if We had mercy on them and relieved them of the affliction that has touched them, then necessarily, theywould persist in their contumacy going astray.

And undoubtedly, We seized them in agony, but I neither they did humble before their Lord and nor theyentreat.

Until when We opened on them the door of any severe torment, now then they are lying despaired therein.

And it is He Who made for you ears and eyes and heart. You very little own the truth.

And it is He who has spread you in the earth and to Him you are to be raised.

And it is He who gives life and causes death and for Him the alternation of night and day. Do you not thenunderstand?

Nay, but they said what the former used to say.

They said, 'what! when we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we indeed be raised up again?

Undoubtedly, this was promised to us and before us to our forefathers. This is not but the same former fables.

Say you, 'whose is the earth and whatever is in it if you know'.

Now they will say, 'Allah's Say you, 'why you then not ponder'.

Say you, 'Who is the Lord of the seven heavens and the Lord of Great Throne'.

Now they will say, 'this is the Grandeur of Allah. Say you 'why do not you then fear?

Say you, 'In Whose hand is the control of every thing and He gives refuge and none can give refuge againstHim, if you have knowledge?

Now they will say, 'this is Grandeur of Allah. 'Say you, in what delusion you are lying?

Nay, but We have brought them the truth, and undoubtedly, they are liars.

Allah has not taken any child for Himself, and nor is there any other god along with Him If it were so, each godwould have wished superiority over the other. Glorified is above all that which they attribute to Him.

Knower of the hidden and the apparent, therefore He is Exalted above what they associate.

Say you, 'O my Lord, if you would show me with what they are promised'.

'O my Lord; then put me not with the unjust people.

And undoubtedly, We are Powerful to show you that which We are promising to them.

Repel the evil with that which is best. We know well what they attribute.

And say you, 'O my Lord, I seek refuge in you from the evil suggestions of the devils (Satan).

And O my Lord! I seek I refuge in You lest they come to me.

Till when death comes to anyone of them, he says that O my Lord; send me back.

Haply, now I may earn some good in that what I have left behind. Never, this is only a word, which he utters.And in front of them is a barrier until the Day when they shall, be raised.

Then when the Trumpet shall be blown there shall be no relationship among them, nor will they ask after oneanother.

Then those whose scales are heavy, they would reach to their goals.

And those whose scales are light, these are they who put their souls in loss, forever they will remain in theHell.

The flame of fire shall smite their faces and they shall glower therein.

Were not My signs recited to you, you then used to belie them?

They will say, 'O our Lord; our misfortune overcame us and we were people misguided'.

'O our Lord! Take us out of the Hell, if we do the same again, we are then unjust'.

The Lord will say, 'remain lying despised therein and speak not to me.

Undoubtedly, a group of My bondmen used to say, 'O our Lord; we believed so forgive us and have mercyupon us and You are the Best of merciful.

'Then you made them a laughing stock, until in making them such, you forgot My remembrance and at them,you used to laugh",

'Undoubtedly, this day I recompensed them for their patience that they alone are triumphed".

Allah said, 'how long did you stay in the earth by number of years'.

They said, 'We stayed for a day or part of a day, therefore ask those who count.

Allah said, 'you stayed not but little, if you would have knowledge'.

Do you then think that We made you in vain and you are not to return to Us?

Then exalted high is Allah, the True King; there is no god except He the Lord of Honored Throne.

And whosoever worships any other god beside Allah, for which he has no proof, then his account is with hisLord. Undoubtedly, the infidels have no rescue.

And you submit, 'O my Lord forgive and have mercy and You are the best of merciful.

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