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Arabic Text with Urdu and English Translation - Surah Hud

Allah in the name of The Most Affectionate, the Merciful.

Alif Lam Ra; This is a Book, whose verses are full of wisdom, then have been detailed from One Wise Aware.

That worship not but Allah. No doubt. I am to you a warner from Him and a bearer of glad-tidings.

And that. you ask forgiveness of your Lord then repent to Him. He will give you a good pulling until anappointed term, and will cause to reach His grace to every man of grace, and if you turn your face, then I fearfor you the torment of a Great Day.

Towards Allah. is your return, and He is Potent over every thing.

Listen! They fold up their breasts that they may hide from Allah. Listen! When they cover their whole body withtheir garments. Allah knows what they conceal and what they reveal. No doubt He is the Knower of all thethoughts within the breast.

And there is none moving on this earth, the provision of that is not upon the generous responsibility of Allah,and He knows its place of stay and the place of return. All is recorded in a clear explanatory Book.

And it is He who has created the heavens and earth in six days, and His Throne was on the water, that Hemight try you, as to whose work of you is best. And if you say, 'undoubtedly' you shall be raised after death,'then the infidels will surely say 'this is not but a magic manifest.'

And if We defer from them the torment for a counted period, then they would certainly say, 'what has detainedit?" Listen, 'the day when it will come to them, it shall not be averted from them, and the same torment whichthey used to mock at shall encompass them.

And if We let man taste Our any mercy, then take it away from him, surely he is despairing, ungrateful.

And if We let him taste favour after the hardship that has reached to him, then he will surely say, the evilshave gone from me.' No doubt, he is joyous, boastful.

But those who remained patient and did good deeds: for them is forgiveness and a great reward.

Then will you leave some of what is being revealed to you and straiten your breast therewith. Because theysay, 'why a treasure has not been sent down with him or any angel would have come with him? You are awarner. And Allah is Guardian over every thing.

Do they say this; 'He has fabricated it?' Say you, 'Bring then ten verses the like of it. And call all those whomyou can besides Allah, if you are truthful.'

Then O Muslim! If they do not respond to you' then know that it has been sent down with Allah's Knowledgeand that there is no true deity save Allah, Will you then now submit?

Whoever desires the life of the world and its adornment, We will give their full fruit in it and will not lessenanything therein.

These are they for whom there is nothing in the Hereafter but Fire. And what ever they used to do there, isdestroyed and all their works became void.

Is he then (like him) who is upon a bright proof from his Lord and there comes a witness on him from Allahand before it was the Book of Moses, a guide and mercy? Those believe therein, and whosoever of all partiesdisbelieves in it, then fire is his promised place. Then O Listener! Be not you in any doubt about it. No doubt,that is the truth from your Lord, but most people believe not.

And who is more unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah. They shall be presented before their Lord, andthe witnesses will say, 'these are they who forged lie against their Lord. Behold; curse of Allah is upon theunjust.

Those who hinder from the path of Allah, and desire crookedness in it; and they are they who deny theHereafter.

They are unable to fatigue in the earth, nor besides Allah they have any helper. They will face torment overtorment. They could neither hear nor see.

These are they who put their souls in loss, and the things which, they used to fabricate have been lost fromthem.

Willing or not willing, it is they who are the greatest losers in the Hereafter.

No doubt those who believed, and did good deeds and turned humbly towards their Lord, they are the men ofHeaven, therein they shall abide.

The condition of both parties is like one the blind and deaf and the other seeing and hearing is the case of thetwo alike? Do you then not take heed?

And no doubt, We sent Nuh to his people saying that I am for you a clear warner.

That worships none save Allah. Verily, I fear for you the torment of a painful day.

Then the chiefs of the unbelievers of his people spoke, 'We see you a man like us, and we see not that any onewho has followed you but the meanest of us inadvertently, and we do not find in you any superiority over us;but rather we think you a liar.

He said, 'O my people! tell me, if I am on a clear proof from my Lord, and He has bestowed upon me fromHimself a great mercy, then you remained blind from it. Shall we stick it to your neck while you are averse toit.'

'And O people! I ask no wealth on it from you. My reward is only with Allah and I am not to drive awayMuslims. No doubt, they are to meet their Lord, but I find you wholly ignorant people.

'And O people! Who will save me from Allah, if I will drive away them. Do you then not take heed?

'And I say not to you, 'I have treasures of Allah with me, and nor I get the unseen known myself and nor I saythis, 'I am an angel, and nor I say those whom your eyes despise, 'Allah will never bestow any good to them.'Allah knows well what ever is in their hearts. If I do so, then surely I am of the unjust.

They said, 'O Nuh, you have disputed with us, and disputed much, then bring that which for you promise us, ifyou are truthful.

He said, 'Allah will bring it to you, if He pleases, and you cannot get Him tired.

And my admonition will not profit you, if I desire good to you, whilst Allah desires you to go astray. He is yourLord and to Him you shall return.

Do they say, 'He has fabricated it?' Say you, 'If I have fabricated it, then upon me is my sin and I am quit ofyour sins.'

And it was revealed to Nuh, 'none of your people will become Muslim but those who have already believed,grieve not then at what they do.

And built the ark before Us and with Our command, and address Me not concerning the unjust, they shallnecessarily be drowned.

And Nuh builds the ark, and whenever the chief of his people passed by him, they laughed at him. He said. 'ifyou laugh at us, then we shall laugh at you at one time as you laugh.

Now then you shall know to whom comes the torment that may disgrace him' and comes down the tormentthat may be lasting.

Until, when Our Command came, and the Oven boiled, We said, 'embark in the ark a pair male and female ofevery kind and the members of your family except those against whom the word has already gone forth, andthe rest of the Muslims.' And Muslims were not with him but a few.

And he said, 'embark therein; in the name of Allah is its moving and its berthing. No doubt, my Lord isassuredly Forgiving, Merciful.

And it is sailing with them amidst such waves as mountain. And Nuh called his son, embark with us and be notwith the infidels.

He said, 'Now I take refuge of any mountain, it will save me from the water. Said he 'Today there is noprotector from the torment of Allah but for him on whom He has mercy and the wave came in between thetwo, so he was among the drowned.

And it was commanded. 'O earth Swallow your water. And O heaven; withhold And water was dried and theaffair was accomplished, and the ark settled on mountain Judi' and it was said, away be the people unjust.'

And Nuh called upon his Lord, said he, 'O my Lord my son too is of my family, and no doubt, Your promise istrue, and You are the Greatest of rulers.

He said, 'O Nuh; he is not of your family, No doubt, his work is not righteous, ask not of Me that of which youhave no knowledge. I admonish you not to become ignorant.

Submitted he 'O my Lord I beg Your refuge from asking You that of which I have no knowledge. And if youforgive me not and have not mercy on me, then I shall be loser.

It was said. 'O Nuh; get down from the ark with peace from Us and with blessings on you and on some partieswith you. And there are some parties whom We shall allow to enjoy in the world, then a painful torment willreach them.

These tidings of unseen, We reveal to you. Neither you did know nor your people be fore this. Then be patient.No, doubt there is good end for the duty-bound.

And towards Aad (sent) Hud a compatriot of their own. He said, 'O my people, worship Allah. You have nodeity beside Him. You are but fabricators.

'O my people, I ask not any wage for this, My wage is only on Him Who created me.' Have you then nowisdom?

And O my people! Beg forgiveness of your Lord, then turn to Him, He will send over you heavy rain and willadd strength to your strength, and turn not away your faces committing crimes.

They said, 'O Hud you have not come to us having any proof, and we are not to leave our gods merely becauseof your saying, nor are we going to believe your words.

We say only that one of our gods has smitten you with evil. He said. 'I call Allah to witness and you all hearwitness that I am quit of all those whom you associate with Him

Besides Allah. Devise against me you all together then respite me not.

I relied on Allah. my Lord and your Lord. There is no moving creature whose forelock is not under His control.No doubt! My Lord meets on straight path.

Then if you turn your faces, then I have already conveyed to you that with which I have been sent to you' andmy Lord will bring others to take your place, and you cannot harm Him at all. No doubt my Lord has watchover every thing.

And when Our Command came, then We saved Hud and the Muslims with him, by showing Our mercy, anddelivered them from severe torment.

And these are Aad. The denied the signs of their Lord and disobeyed His Messengers and followed the saying o'every contumacous haughty enemy.

And the curse stuck to them in the world and on the Day of Judgement. Listen. Aad rejected their Lord. Ho:Away with Aad the people of Hud.

And towards Thamud (We sent) Saleh a compatriot of their own. He said, 'O my people, worship Allah. Youhave no deity beside Him. He evolved you from the earth and caused you to live therein, then beg forgivenessof Him' then turn to Him. No doubt' my Lord is near. Responsive.'

They said' 'O Saleh. You looked promising amongst us before, 'Do you forbid us to worship what our fathersworshipped, and verily we are in a big deceitful doubt regarding that to which you call us.

He said, 'O my people! Tell me if I am on a clear proof from my Lord, and He has bestowed me mercy fromHimself, then who will save me against Him, if I disobey Him; then you will increase me nothing save loss.

And O my people! This is she-camel of Allah, a sign for you. Then leave her, that she may eat in Allah's earth,and touch her not with evil lest a near torment reach you.

Then they hamstrung her then Saleh said, 'enjoy in your houses three days more. This is a promise that willnot be falsified.

Then when Our Command came. We saved. Saleh and the Muslims with him showing Our mercy and from thehumiliation of that day No doubt, your Lord is Mighty, Honorable.

And a roaring noise overtook the unjust, then in the morning; they remained lying crouched in their homes.

As though they had never dwelt therein. Listen, no doubt, Thamud denied their Lord, Ho; curse be onThamud.

And no doubt, Our messengers came to Ibrahim with glad tidings. They said, 'Peace;' He said, 'Peace' then notbeing late, brought a calf roasted.

Then when he saw that their hands did not reach towards the food, he thought them strangers and began tofear of them in his heart. They said, 'fear not, we have been sent towards the people of Lut.

And his wife was standing by, she began to laugh, then We gave her the glad tiding of Ishaque and afterIshaque of Yaqub.

She said, 'Oh; Woe is me. Shall I bear a child' and I am old, and this is my husband, an old man? No doubt,this is strange thing.

The angels said Do you wonder at Allah's Command? The mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you, Opeople of the house! No doubt, it is He Who is All Praise-Worthy, Honorable.

Then when the fear of Ibrahim disappeared, and he got glad-tidings, he began to dispute with Us about thepeople of Lut.

No doubt, Ibrahim is clement most tender hearted, penitent.

'O Ibrahim! Do not plunge in this thought. No doubt, the Command of your Lord has come, and no doubt. Thetorment is to approach them that cannot be averted.

And when Our angels came to Lut, he was grieved of them and became sad on account of them, and said, 'thisis a fierce day.'

And his people came running to him, and they were in the habit of doing evil deeds from before. He said, 'Opeople, these are daughters of my people, they are purer for you, then fear Allah. and do not disgrace 'me inthe face of my guests. Is there not among you any man of good characters?

They said you know. That we have no right in the daughters of your people. And you surely know what wedesire.

He said. "Had I strength against you or might take refuge in a strong pillar.

The angels said 'O Lut! We are messengers of your Lord, they cannot reach you then carry forth your familywithin night. And let none of you look back except y our wife. The same is to reach her too, what will reachthem. No doubt, their promise is for the morning. Is the morning not nigh?

Then when Our Command came' We turned that town upside down and We rained upon it stones of baked claycontinuously.

Which are with y our Lord marked. And those stones are not away from unjust people.

And towards Madian Shoaib a compatriot of their own. He said, 'O my people. Worship Allah, there is no deitybeside Him. And diminish not the measure and the weight. No doubt, I see you prosperous, and I fear for youthe torment of encircling day

And O my people! Fill up measure and weight with justice and do not give the people their things decreasingand do not roam in the earth spreading mischief.

And that which is left from the provision of Allah is better for you, if you believe, and I am not over you aguardian.

They said, 'O Shoaib, does your prayer bid you that we should abandon the gods of our fathers, or that weshould not do with our riches whatever we will? Yes please, you are the only wise and up right.

He said, 'O my people. Tell me fairly, if I am on a clear proof from my Lord, and He gave me good provisionfrom Himself. And I do not desire that I myself begin to do against that which I forbid you to do. I only desireto return as for as I can. And my succor is from Allah only. I relied only upon Him and I turn towards Him only.

And O my people! Let not your opposition to me makes you earn that which befell the people of Nuh, or thepeople of Hud or the people of Saleh. And the people of Lut are not far away from you.

And beg forgiveness of Allah, then turn towards Him. No doubt, my Lord is Merciful, Loving.

They said, 'O Shoaib, we do not understand most of your talks; and no doubt, we see you weak among us. Andif there had been your tribe, we would have stoned you. And there is no respect for you in our eyes.'

He said, 'O my people! Is the pressure of my tribe over you is more than Allah? And you have cast Him behindyour back. No doubt' whatever you do, is under the control of my Lord.

And O people! Continue your work at your places, I do my work. Soon you are to know on whom comes thetorment that will disgrace him and who is liar. And wait, I also wait with you.

And when my Command came, We saved Shoaib and the Muslims with him by showing Our mercy. And theroaring noise overtook the unjust then they remained lying on their knees in their homes at morning.

s they had never dwelt there. Ho; Be away Madian just as Thamud were removed far away.

And verily, We sent Musa with Our signs and clear authority.

To Firawn and his courtiers' then they followed the command of Firawn. And the work of Firawn was not rightlydirected.

He shall be before his people on the Day of Resurrection, and bring them down in the Hell. And what an evilplace of watering to descent.

And the curse followed them in this world and on the Day of Resurrection. What is an evil reward, which theygot.

These are the tidings of the towns that We relate to you; some of them are standing and some mown down.

And We wronged them not, but they did evil to themselves. Their deities, whom they used to worship besideAllah, availed them not, when the Command of your Lord came, and they increased them nothing savedestruction.

And such is the seizing of your Lord, when He seizes the towns on their injustice. No doubt, His seizing ispainful, severe.

No doubt, herein is a sign to him who fears the torment of Hereafter. That is a Day whereon all shall begathered together and that is a Day of presence.

And We defer it not save for a counted period.

When that Day will come, no one will speak save by the leave of God. Then any one of them is unfortunate,and any one of them is fortunate.

Then those who are unfortunate, they are in the Hell, they will bray like ass.

They shall abide therein, so long as the heavens and earth abide, save as your Lord will. No doubt, your Lordaccomplishes what He desires.

And those who are fortunate, they are in Heaven. They shall abide therein' so long as the heavens and earthabide, save, as your Lord will. this is the gift un-ending.

Then O listener! Be not in delusion concerning that which these infidels worship. They worship as their fathersused to worship before. And undoubtedly, We shall repay them their portion in full undiminished.

And no doubt, We gave Musa the Book, then they differed therein. And if a word of your Lord had not gonealready before, the matter would have been decided between them. And no doubt, they are in a deceptivedoubt about it.

And no doubt, to each of them in all your Lord will repay their works in full. He is aware of their doings.

Then remain you firm as you have been commanded and whoever has repented with you; and O people! Donot be arrogant. No doubt He is seeing your works.

And do not lean towards wrong doers, lest the Fire Should touch you, and you have no supporter besides Allah,then you will not be helped.

And establish prayer at the two ends of the day and in parts of the night. No doubt, good deeds obliterate evildeeds. This is admonition for the persons accepting admonition.

And be patient, Allah wastes not the reward of the righteous

Then why there were not among generations before you persons possessing some virtue who would haveforbidden mischief in the earth, Yes there were few of them whom We delivered'? And the unjust remainedbehind the same luxury that was given to them, and they were sinners

And your Lord is not such that He would destroy towns without any reason. While its people be good.

And if your Lord had willed He would have made all! Mankind one nation, and they will always remain differing.

Save those on whom your Lord has mercy, and for this has He created them. And the word of your Lord hasbeen fulfilled. No doubt' I will fill hell with the jinn and mankind together.

And all that We relate to you of the tidings of the messengers is for the purpose of strengthening your hearttherewith? And in this Sura the truth has come to you and admonition to the Muslims.

And say you to the infidels, 'continue working on your places' and we do our work.

And wait. Lo! We (too) are waiting.

And to Allah belong the unseen of the heavens and the earth and towards Him is the return of the wholeaffairs, then worship Him and rely upon Him. And your Lord is not heedless of what you do.

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