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Translation of Quran In English - Surah Al-Qalam

  1. By the pen and by that which they (angels) write.

  2. You are not. by the grace of your Lord, mad.

  3. And certainly, for you there is an endless reward.

  4. And undoubtedly, you possess excellent manners.

  5. Then now you shall soon see and they shall also see;

  6. As to which of you was caught with madness.

  7. Undoubtedly, your Lord knows well him who goes astray from His path, and He knows well those who areguided.

  8. Therefore, hear not the words of the beliers.

  9. They desire that any how you should be appeased then they too would be appeased.

  10. And hear not any such one who is a big swearer the mean.

  11. One who taunts a lot, going around with slander.

  12. Forbidder of good, transgressor, sinful.

  13. Ill-mannered, and moreover his birth is faulty.

  14. This is because he possesses some wealth and children.

  15. When Our signs are recited to him, he says 'stories of the ancients'.

  16. We shall soon brand upon his swine like snout.

  17. Undoubtedly, We have tried them as We tried the owners of the garden when they swore that they wouldcertainly reap their crop in the morning.

  18. And they said not 'if Allah please'.

  19. Then something going round from your Lord went round it while they were asleep.

  20. And in the morning it was as it were fruits plucked.

  21. Then they called one another in the morning.

  22. Saying, 'go to your fields early in the morning if you are going to reap'.

  23. And they went forth early in the morning, whispering together.

  24. That no needy person should come in your garden today.

  25. And they went forth early in the morning, determined upon their purpose.

  26. But when they saw it, they said, 'undoubtedly, we have lost our way'.

  27. Nay, rather we have been deprived of every thing.

  28. The most moderate of them said, "Did I not say to you, why do you not glorify Allah? "

  29. They said, 'Glory is to our Lord, undoubtedly, we had been unjust.

  30. Now one turned towards other reproaching.

  31. They said, 'Ah! Woe to us, undoubtedly, we were contumacious.

  32. It may be that our Lord will give us in exchange a better than it, we do humbly turn to our Lord.

  33. Such is the punishment, and the punishment of the Hereafter is far greater. What a good thing it was, if theyknew?

  34. Undoubtedly, for the God fearing, there are Gardens of Bliss with their Lord.

  35. Shall We make the muslims like the culprits?

  36. What happened to you? How you judge?

  37. Have you any Book wherein you read?

  38. That you shall have in it whatever you choose?

  39. Or have you some oaths from Us, reaching to the Day of Resurrection that you shall have all that you claim?

  40. Ask them which of them is guarantor thereof?

  41. Or have they some associates? Let them, then bring their associates, if they are truthful.

  42. The day when a leg shall be exposed (the meaning is known to Allah) and they will be called upon to prostratethemselves, they will not be able to do so.

  43. Their eyes will be cast down, and humiliation will be covering them, and they were indeed called upon toprostrate themselves in the world when they were sound healthy.

  44. So leave him to Me, who belies this word. Soon We shall draw them step by step whence they know not.

  45. And I shall grant them respite, undoubtedly, My secret planning is very strong.

  46. Or do you ask them a wage so that they are laden with debt?

  47. Or is the unseen with them so that they are writing?

  48. Therefore wait for the command of your Lord and be not as the Man of the Fish when he called out while hisheart was choking.

  49. Had not the favour of his Lord reached him for his care, he would have surely been cast upon land blamed.

  50. Then his Lord chose him and made him of His near ones.

  51. And it seems that the infidels with their bad looks will necessarily, stumble you when they hear Quran and theysay, 'He is surely faraway from wisdom'.

  52. And it is not, but an admonition for the worlds.

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