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Translation of Quran In English - Surah Fatir

  1. All praise to Allah, the Maker of the heavens and the earth, the Appointer of the angels as Messengers whohave twos, threes and fours wings. He increases in creation what He pleases. Undoubtedly, Allah is Potent overevery thing.

  2. Whatever mercy Allah opens for mankind none there is to withhold it, and what ever He withholds, none thereis to release it thereafter. And He the only Dignified, the Wise.

  3. 'O mankind! remember the favour of Allah upon you. Is there any creaser beside Allah who provides for youfrom the heavens and the earth? There is no God but He, whither then are you turning back?

  4. If they belie you, then no doubt, Messengers have been belied before you. And all affairs return to Allah.

  5. 'O mankind! Undoubtedly, the promise of Allah is true, let never then deceive you the life of the world, and letnot the great deceiver deceive you regarding the serenity of Allah.

  6. Undoubtedly, the devil is your enemy. He only invites his party that they be among the companions of the Hell.

  7. For the infidels there is severe torment and those who have believed and have done good works, for them isForgiveness and great reward.

  8. Will he in whose sight his evil work has been adorned so that he thought, it good, be like him who is guided?Therefore Allah leads astray whom He please and guides whom He pleases. So let not your soul be gone awayin regrets for them, Allah knows well whatever they do.

  9. And Allah is He Who sends the winds that stir up clouds, then We drive it to a dead land and give life to theearth therewith after its death. This is the rising up in the Resurrection.

  10. Whoever desires honour, then all honours belong to Allah. Towards Him ascends all pure words, and therighteous work does He exalt. And those who plot evils, for them is the severe torment. And the plotting ofthese only will perish.

  11. And Allah created you from dust, then from a sperm drop, then made you pairs. And no female does not bear,nor she gives birth but with His knowledge. To whomsoever of long age is given age or the age of whomsoeveris curtailed, all this is in a Book Verily it is easy for Allah.

  12. And both seas are not alike. This is sweat, very sweat a pleasant water and this the other one is saltish bitter.And from each you eat fresh meat and take out an ornament to wear, and you see the boats therein that theycleave the water so that you may seek His grace and that you be grateful.

  13. He brings the night into the day and brings the day into the night and He has engaged the sun and the mooninto services; every one run upto an appointed time. This is Allah your Lord, His is the kingdom. And thosewhom you worship beside Him, own not even the husk of a date palm

  14. If you invoke them they will not listen to your call, and even if they heard they could not grant your wish. Andon the Day of judgement they will deny your associating. And none will inform you like the All Aware.

  15. 'O mankind! You are all in need of Allah. And Allah only, He is all-Independent, All praised.

  16. If He please, He may take you away and bring a new creation.

  17. And this is not anything difficult for Allah.

  18. And no soul bearer of burden will bear the burden of another. And if any one heavily loaded calls any other toshare its load, not anyone-will bear anything from its burden, even though he may be a near relation. Obeloved! Your warning is useful only for those who fear their Lord with out seeing and establish prayer. Andwho became purified, purified himself for his own good. And to Allah is the return.

  19. And the blind and seeing are not equal.

  20. And nor the darkness and the light.

  21. And nor the shadow and the heat of the full sun.

  22. And equal are not the living and the dead. Undoubtedly, Allah causes him to hear whom He pleases; and youare not to make those who are lying in their graves to hear.

  23. You are but a warner.

  24. 'O beloved! undoubtedly, We have sent you with truth as a bearer of glad tidings and as a warner. Andwhoever was a group of people in each of them a warner has already passed away.

  25. And if they belie you' then those before you have already belied, there came to them their Messengers withclear proofs and with the scriptures and the shining Book.

  26. Then I seized the infidels, then how was My abhorrence?

  27. Have you not seen that Allah has sent down water from the sky and then We brought forth there with fruits ofdifferent colours. And in the mountains are streaks white and red of different colours and some raven black.

  28. And men and beasts and cattle in like manner, there are various colours, Only those of His bondmen whopossess knowledge fear Allah. Undoubtedly, Allah is Dignified, Forgiving.

  29. Verily those who recite the Book of Allah and establish prayer and spend out of what We have given themsecretly and openly hope for a trade in which there is never loss.

  30. In order that He may give them their reward in full and give more out of His bounty. Verily He is ForgivingAppreciating.

  31. And the Book We revealed to you is the truth confirming the Books before it. Verily Allah is Aware of Hisbondmen and Seeing.

  32. Then We made Our selected bondmen as inheritors of the Book, then of them is he who wrongs himself; andof them is he who takes a middle course; and of them is he who has gone ahead in goods by Allah's leave. Thisis indeed the great grace.

  33. In the gardens of inhabitation they will enter, they will be made to wear in it bracelets of gold and pearls, andtheir dress therein is silken.

  34. And they will say, 'All praise to Allah Who has removed our grief. Undoubtedly, our Lord is Forgiving,Appreciating.

  35. Who out of His grace has made us alight in a place of comfort, wherein no trouble reaches us and nor anyweariness affects us.

  36. And those who committed infidelity, for them is the fire of Hell, death will not be decreed for them so that theymay die and nor will the torment thereof be lightened for them. Thus do We punish every ungrateful person.

  37. And they will be crying therein, O our Lord! take us out that we may do good contrary to that we used to dobefore. And did We not give you a life in which he who wishes to reflect, reflects? And a warner had come toyou, now therefore taste you, there is no helper for the unjust.

  38. Undoubtedly, Allah is the Knower of every hidden thing of the heavens and the earth. Verily He knows thethoughts of the hearts.

  39. He it is Who made you successors of the formers in the earth. Therefore He who commits infidelity his infidelityfalls on him. And the infidelity of the infidels will not increase with their Lord but disgust; and the infidelity ofthe infidels increase not but loss.

  40. Say you, well, tell your those associate gods whom you worship beside Allah. Show me what portion of theearth they have made, or have they any partnership in the heavens, or have We given them any Book so thatthey are on clear proofs thereof? Nay but the unjust people promise to each other nothing but delusion.

  41. Undoubtedly, Allah has withheld the heavens and the earth lest they move, if they move who then mightwithhold them save Allah? Verily He is All Clement, All Forgiving.

  42. And they swore by Allah with the utmost strength of their oaths that if a warner came to them, they willnecessarily then be better guided than any of the other communities. But when a warner came to them, itincreased in them not but to hate.

  43. Swelling their souls high in the earth and evil plotting. And the evil plotting encompasses only its author. Therefore what they are waiting for but for the same precedents of the ancients. But you will never find the mannerof Allah changing, and will never find the laws of Allah shifting.

  44. Have they not traveled in the earth, so that they might see, how has been the end of those before them, andthey were stronger in power than these? Allah is not such that any thing in the heavens and the earth could goout of His control. Verily He is knowing, Authoritative.

  45. And if Allah were to seize men for what they do, He would not leave any moving creature on the back of theearth, but He lets them loose until an appointed time, and when their promise will come, then no doubt, allbondmen of Allah are in His sight.

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